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The Coffee Research Institute Explores Batian Variety

In less than a hundred years, four varietals of coffee have emerged from Kenya. Although some of them faced some critical phases dealing with CBD (Coffee Berry Disease), the number is still astonishing. Read on to find out what have researchers found in Batian Variety. Long Coffee Tradition […]

Improved Boran Cattle An Important Component Of Meat In Arid Areas

The Boran cattle is a medium-sized breed. They come from East Africa and is mostly seen in the Kenya´s semi-arid counties. The importance of the adaptability of the animal to the local environment is crucial to commercial ranchers who prefer these or the Bos Taurus. This wasn´t always […]

Exploring Kenya’s Interesting Flora And Fauna

Kenya is home to some of the most interesting mammals in the world. The species include lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos among many others. Those are known by locals and foreigners as “The Big Five”. Also, the landscape that offers the country is widely varied including swamps, […]

5 Innovative Opportunities In Sweet Potato Production In Kenya

Sweet potato was usually linked to household consumption and it was mainly in a boiling procedure but innovation in that terrain has led to a much more integral consumption and the incorporation of orange-fleshed sweet potato to Kenyans daily life. This is part of a series of measures […]

The Major Challenges Of The Agricultural Sector In Kenya

For starters, let´s settle in a statement: the most important contribution to Kenyan economy is done by agriculture with a significance of 25% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Also, the sector provides 65% of the total country´s exports giving the population 18% of the total formal employment. […]

Improving Crop Yield Using Technologies

The most important agricultural workforce in Kenya is the small farmers. These people own less than five acres of land each, but together, they represent up to 75% of the total workforce in the country. They work in a very old-fashioned way and almost all of them lack […]

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