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About Us

Kenya Agricultural Research Institute was formed to provide a brighter future for all the population of Kenya. The importance of agriculture in the country´s economy is crucial. There have been many problems in the past (some persist until these days) with the security of having enough food to satisfy the needs of a growing country in terms of population. Kenyans are mostly farmers and the commercialization of the goods that come from the ground is key to maintain the circle of consumption healthy and moving.

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History And Functions

The year was 1977 and the East African Community had collapsed. The KARI (Kenya Agricultural Research Institute) was founded by the government as a semi-autonomous institution. For that, there was an amendment done to the Science and Technology Act Cap 250.

Recent Articles

Virus-Proof Maize Seed

Seeds are one of the most crucial elements for a good harvest of premium material. There are some parts of the world where some big companies are creating an environmental disaster to achieve the goal of more productive harvests like Monsanto and Cargyll.

The Big Five

The big five are the most sought-after attraction to every safari-goer in Kenya and in general Africa too.

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