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This question was asked by: Mr. Boniface Omboki

Question asked:

I have completed my degree in biotechnology and i love to join you so that we can work together for improvement of crop production hence eradicating hunger in kenya.Boniface.


Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, as a premier national Institution, appreciates and recognizes newly acquired skills to support agricultural research. To strengthen its capacity, KARI has developed a Human Resource Strategy and Recruitment Procedure as a basis for strategic Human Resource Development and Management planning. This strategy identifies Human Resource Development and Management areas, in terms of capacity, that need urgent attention and gives guidance on specific minimum qualifications and experience required for appointment to any vacant position arises.

Where such a vacancy exits, the Institute practices open and competitive recruitment process thus ensuring everybody who is qualified is given an equal opportunity to compete.

However, currently we are not engaging any new staff but the public is encouraged to be checking the local dailies and on this website in the event that we have opportunities.

Thank you for your expression of interest to work with us.