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This question was asked by: Mr. Eric Nganga

Question asked:

Type of horticultural crops to grow on my farm in Mua Hills Machakos under a polytunnel or net greenhouse. Kindly where possible provide information on availability of markets local or otherwise.


Before beginning any farming enterprise for which the intention is to sale the produce, then a prior extensive market should have been undertaken. You have not stated the crops underproduction. My assumption is tomato and maybe sweet peppers. The following is suggested:

a) You may consider delivering this produce to local Kiosks or “mama mbonga” hence providing a door to door delivery to attract a market

b) Contact with the local authority to sale at the Machakos market.

c) Contact local groceries that sale horticultural produce and hopefully sign a contract (it is a bit late now)

d) For tomato, contact tomato sauce and ketchup processors and see if you can be a supplier of their raw material

e) Look for market in Uchumi, Tuskys, Chandarana, Nakumat and the Nairobi up-town groceries for provision of fresh produce.

f) Incase of tomato you may consider value addition technologies such as dried tomato

g) For future enterprises, please contact KARI Headquarters Horticulture and Industrial Crops Division for advice