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This question was asked by: Mr. mohammed karisa

Question asked:

I live in Kaloleni near Kaloleni District hqs.I have 6acres of land of which I want to sell to this parastatal.It is strategically located and ideal for farming since it borders a stream,150m from road and electricity.there is also a connection to piped water.


Thank you for the offer, however KARI normally gets its research land mainly from Government and community grants, based on identified needs and in accordance with the institutes’ strategic plan. At present we have not identified the need and therefore have not planned for land acquisition in the area at least for the next five years. In case the need arises in the future, KARI is bound by the Public Procurement and Disposal of assets act (2008), in which case an advertisement for procurement would be made in the press and all those interested would bid to supply.