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This question was asked by: Mr. Dishon Kayanda

Question asked:

I am a plantation farmer and want to plant 1000Ha of jatropha for bio diesel production at the coast150km fro mombasa to nairobi. I wanted to know the type pf services you can assist me with on contract such as land clearing,nursery,planting and prunning etc.How can Kari be of help. D Kayanda. Ex Chairman Castor oil seed co


KARI as a research institution has its competence in providing agricultural technical knowledge and information based on scientific research conducted in various parts of the country. In this regard we do offer on contract, Technical services and knowledge to support implementation of any agricultural enterprise, but we do not offer manual or mechanical services like Land clearing and land preparation. For such services we recommend that you get assistance from the Agricultural Mechanization Services (AMS) near you, in your case Mariakani is probably the nearest.

On nursery establishment, planting and pruning, KARI can offer the technical know how based on a contractual agreement that specifies the Terms of Reference (TOR), a detailed proposal giving the work-plan and budget for the work, payment terms and subsequent disengagement on completion. This will require you to visit KARI Mtwapa and discuss the issue with the Centre Director or KARI headquarters and discuss with the undersigned.

James G. Kahuro.
Agricultural Research Investment and services (ARIS)