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am a nigerian, reside & farming in nigeria,so, i want 2 come for an agricultural training in your institutrion, how will i go about it '

i am a fourth year law student at the university of nairobi. i need to know whether the institute allows students to attach themselves there for experience purposes and sich i am interested in intellectual property, the institution could be of good help. i would like to do one of my units there. it is referred to as public interest and requires a student to put in at least sixty hours at an organisastion and then submit a report to his or her supervisor. i will be highly gratful for any assistance with information.

I live in Kaloleni near Kaloleni District hqs.I have 6acres of land of which I want to sell to this parastatal.It is strategically located and ideal for farming since it borders a stream,150m from road and electricity.there is also a connection to piped water.
Asked by Mr mohammed karisa

I am a plantation farmer and want to plant 1000Ha of jatropha for bio diesel production at the coast150km fro mombasa to nairobi. I wanted to know the type pf services you can assist me with on contract such as land clearing,nursery,planting and prunning etc.How can Kari be of help. D Kayanda. Ex Chairman Castor oil seed co
Asked by Mr Dishon Kayanda

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