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I am in uasin gishu and needed drip irrigation on my garden,where can i get it?
Asked by Mr Raymond Kipkorir

I belong to a self help group that grows passion fruits. We have noticed that even with the same amount and type of fertilizers, the production for the same number of plants is higher on some soil types than others. We are considering soil testing and hence advice on the way forward. In this regard we would like to know the following: 1. Does KARI carry out soil testing? 2. If yes to (1),where and at what cost? 3. Where would we get guidance on collection of samples.4.Should we submit samples from the two regions for comparison or just one sample from the poorer performing area would suffice? Thanks in advance
Asked by Mr majau murungi

would like to find out about the availability of the bucket system kit,at how much?
Asked by Mrs emily shitsama

Info on acquiring drip irrigagation equip
Asked by Mr francis nyaboga

I am interested to know the quantity of Water Hyacinth that is infesting Lake Victoria. I would like to know what percent of the Lake surface is currently covered with Hyacinth.
Asked by Mr David Zaslow

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