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I would like to inquire about the process of staff hiring at KARI. I am a research Scientist working abroad in the area of Agricultural Research and would like to come home to apply the knowledge I have aquired to benefit the Kenyan farmers. I have interest in joining KARI on the part of crop protection and/or Biotechnology but there is no information provided on how to go about making an application nor do we see vacancies on this website.
Asked by Dr Vitalis Wekesa

I have completed my degree in biotechnology and i love to join you so that we can work together for improvement of crop production hence eradicating hunger in kenya.Boniface.
Asked by Mr Boniface Omboki

i need information about farming of sweet potatoes, water melons and sweet peppers ''pilipili hoho'. please teach me on how to plant, and care for them and which varieties are the best in western kenya. which seasons are the best to plant them?
Asked by Mr gervase wakoli

i need information on greenhouse farming of vegetables in Kenya and in particular the Ndeiya and Limuru area
Asked by Ms waheri murua

I need to ask if i want to start as a small scale Holticulture farmer, can Kari assist me to start on basis of cost recovery?
Asked by Mrs Teresia Koka

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