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I need more information on the The small-scale simple drip irrigation system that was developed by Chapin Watermatics, Watertown, New York. Let me have the price and more detail, plus all contact for (Isaya Sijali)- Email, phone etc.
Asked by Mr george ANDIVA

am a small scale farmer and interested to know more about drip irrigation

i am writing an agricultural project that will address food and water security in ukambani, together with disease. however, i cannot get information regarding seed type, input, output, pests and labour required per acre from the relevant crops officers. the site is koma area, along nairobi kangundo road. soil type is black cotton soil. can i get this information from you? can you also advise if the site is suitable for borehole drilling? where can i get finacnial support to implement the project?
Asked by Ms pauline nyumu

I am planning to start Horticulture farming using the drip irrigation system on a nine acre piece of land in Lamu District at Faza island. the source of water will be a well. so i would want you to advice me on how to set up the most economical drip irrigation system on water and all other aspects.
Asked by Mr jamal yunus

I have a virgin 46 acres farm in Siakago area,13 km from Embu town, i have started farming in a small portion. Am interested in doing cereals (beans, peas.etc and rearing cows and goats for commercial purposes. Do kari offer farmers technical advices on appropriate ways of farming and what are the procedures? (by jason and is urgent)
Asked by Mr Jason Mwangi

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