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Dear Kari team, please help me.I live in Kitengela (kajiado) which has black cotton soil and unreliable rains. I would like to know which types of trees / food Crops to grow in my small piece of land.Your advise will be highly appreciated.Thanks.Hellen
Asked by Ms Hellen Okemwa

Do you pay for internships?how much please. this information will help me much.have applied in your firm for internship from January to April 2010.thanks
Asked by Mr Percy Musyoki Kilyungi

What type of dairy animal feeds can be grown in Nyanza, Kisumu area apart from nappier grass and where does one get the seedlings?
Asked by Mrs Lydia Odeny

The source of seeds for Calliandra Calothyrsus (fodder Shrubs) and whether they would grow in Limuru weather
Asked by Mr Mbugua g

Do you have these seeds and if you have them, how can I obtain them and their cost please.Calliandra calothyrsus, trichandra, mulberry
Asked by Mr Abraham Mbogo

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