23 July 2014
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TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library)

TEEAL is popularly known as LanTEEAL because it can be run on a workstation, or hosted on a server and shared over a network. It is a compact, self-contained agricultural library. It contains 149 journals, most spanning from 1993 through 2008. These journals encompass diverse fields of the agricultural sciences, from agricultural economics and crop improvement to food science and nutrition and natural resources management.
The TEEAL database and software are stored on a portable external hard drive, and includes a USB cable. It is easy to share on a network, or to set up on a single computer. Inside TEEAL is an easy-to-use interface. Users can do Simple and Advanced Searches using keywords, dates, authors, titles, etc. They can browse the content of every journal issue, just like in a real library. Abstracts and full text articles can be viewed, saved, and printed. TEEAL is updated annually with the previous year’s content.



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