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Tuesday, 02 August 2011 12:40

Exhibition 1:    Up-scaling of wet salting of hides and skins in Northern Kenya
KARI Marsabit and the Ministry of Livestock development

Wet salting technology adds value to hides and skins and Community Based Groups, producers and traders In Isiolo, Garbatula, Laisamis and Marsabit have been trained on this technology and incomes from hides and skins have improved significantly

Exhibition 2: Commercialization of grain amaranth for income, food and nutritional security
KARI Katumani and INCAS Limited.

Production, utilization and commercialization of grain amaranth which is a non traditional crop in the arid and semi arid areas of Kenya.  The crop however perfoms well despite the harsh and changing environmental conditions.  Grain amaranth has exellent nutritional qualities.

Exhibition 3: Cassava for food security and wealth creation
KARI Katumani and Farm Concern

Commercialization of Cassava and the impact on food security is an effort being made in famine prone, low rainfall areas where crop failure is a common occurrence but cassava yields are assured

Exhibition 4: Commercialization of GADAM sorghum in semi arid areas of Kenya
KARI Katumani, East African Breweries Limited, Equity Bank and SMART Logistics

A public private partnership to address the major constraint identified in the production and marketing of Gadam sorghum that has been found to be a viable enterprises in the ASALs.  This is owing to Gadam sorghums excellent malting qualities which makes it suitable for beer manufacturing.

Exhibition 5: Community Based Range Forage Seed System
KARI Kiboko and KAPLAG

Rehabilitation options for degraded lands in the rangelands of Kenya.  It shows that species selection and reseeding combined with sound utilization and management of biomass provide opportunities to significantly improve natural pasture productivity.

Exhibition 6: Agricultural technologies, Information and knowledge Management
KARI Information Documentation Services, Biovision/Infornet, Katoloni Community Based Organization and KARI Katumani

A farmer communication programme operated by Katoloni Mission CBO to deliver information and facilitate learning among farmers in ASAL areas.  The programme is supported by the Biovision initative and hosted by KARI Katumani.

Exhibition 7:    Community based seed and planting material system
KARI Katumani, Ministry of Agriculture and Contracted seed growers

A community based system available to farmers in the dry land areas and operates through a unique multiplication, packaging and re-distribution activity based in KARI Katumani and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture

Exhibition 8:    Indigenous chicken production and marketing in ASALs.
KARI Naivasha, WACAL, Indigenous Chicken Service Providers

Capacity building of ASAL communities on poultry management, selection and multiplication of eggs and meat genotypes and poultry disease management.  New castle disease that is a major challenge to farmers and the thermo-tolerant I-2 NCD vaccine will help to deal with this challenge while KARI Naivasha will continue to multiply and avail indigenous chicken to farmers.



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