Katumani On-going Projects
The following projects that are on-going are being implemented by the Programme to achieve the above outcome:
  1. Commercialisation of cassava production for improved livelihoods in drylands of eastern Kenya (more...)
  2. Strategies for improving feed availability in mixed crop-livestock system: Strengthening milk production in semi-arid Kenya (more....)
  3. Up-scaling and promotion of integrated soil fertility and water management strategies for increasing productivity in mixed dryland farming areas of Kenya using Farmer Field Schools (more...)
  4. Improving food security and income of farmers in ASALs through commercialisation of gadam sorghum (more...)
  5. Screening cowpea for Alectra vogelii resistance in the arid semi-arid lands of Kenya (more...)
  6. Improving farm productivity by matching crop varieties with soils and climate (more...)

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