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Wednesday, 03 August 2011 08:06

Jane Mung’oma


Pro poor market development contributes to the overall development goal of improving participation of vulnerable communities in economic opportunities by improving the efficiency of market systems. The purpose of systemic market development is to facilitate different market actors to understand the Market system and the interrelated nature of transactions at different levels, understand the non commodity based transactions (service provision) and the enabling policy environment. Systemic market development aims at making the different levels of the market system work to support livelihoods of vulnerable communities.

The approach further builds capacities of Practioners in different disciplines to understand and apply participatory and systemic market development in interventions that are aimed at sustainably alleviating poverty among vulnerable communities. Facilitators work with individuals and institutions to strengthen and mainstream the approach both in project development and implementation

The approach has been successfully applied in different projects; this presentation will draw from different examples in Kenya; the Kenya Fresh Fruit juice processors, the aloe Project, The African Leafy Vegetable project etc to provide examples of how the approach has been applied and results to date. It will provide details on strategic collaborations developed to support the projects and the process of building capacities of the market actors to mutually engage.

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