Use of organic and inorganic fertilizers on vegetable (BRASSICA OLERACEA) production in Kitale mandate region

A participatory rural appraisal (PRA) exercise was carried out in 1994 in both Matunda (Trans­Nzoia District) and Anin (Keiyo District) to identify farmers' constraints to crop production. The PRA indicated that there was declining crop yield due to low soil fertility. This was attributed to continuous cropping resulting from small farm sizes, soil erosion and inadequate or non- use of organic and inorganic fertilisers. The addition of fertiliser to the soil was therefore necessary to sustain intensive crop production. Trials were carried out between 1996 and 1999 at Anin in Keiyo District and Matunda in Trans-Nzoia District to assess the possibility of reducing production costs by supplementing or substituting inorganic with organic nutrient sources in order to reduce production costs. The organic manures under investigation were compost and farmyard manure (FYM) for Anin and compost and Tithonia green manure for Matunda. The test crops were cabbage for Anin and kales for Matunda. At both sites all manures and inorganic fertiliser applications gave significantly (p0.05) higher yields than the rion- fertilised (control) plots. However, the differences in yields between the fertilisers were not significant. In 1998 at the Anin site application of combinations of organic manure and inorganic fertiliser increased yields of cabbages from 3.92 (control) to 35.37 t ha-' (5 t compost +30 kg P20s ha-l). At the Matunda site 10 t compost ha-' increased yield of fresh leaves of kales from 29.89 (control) to 66.72 t ha-' and application tithonia green manure increased leaf yield to 74.9 t ha-l for the year 1998. The same trend of results was seen in the 1999 kale results. Results have shown that organic manures including tithonia can be used alone or in combination with reduced inorganic fertiliser rates to increase vegetable yield.
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Participatory technology development by small holders in Kenya: Proceedings of the 2nd scientific conference of the soil management and legume research network projects, Gachene, C. K.Muyekho, F. N.Onyango, M.Mose, L.Magenya, O.- Nairobi: KARI-Legume Rese
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