Tharaka County

This county borders Meru County to the North and Northeast, Kitui County to the East and Southeast, Embu County to the South and Southwest and occupies an area of 2,638.8 km2 . The county comprises of two districts Nithi and Tharaka and has three local authorities which include Chogoria, Meru South and Tharak town councils.

Temperatures and rainfall:
Temperatures range from a minimum of 11°C to a maximum of 25.9°C and rainfall ranges between 200 mm and 800 mm per annum.

The county has a population of 365,330 (Male - 48%, Female - 52%) and has a population density of 138 people per km2 and total number of households is 88803. The age Distribution is: 0-14 years (39.1%), 15-64 years (55.5%), 65+ years (5.3%)

Natural resources and economic activities:
The natural resources available in this county comprise of Arable land, sand, quarries, forests and wildlife. The main Economic activities/industries include farming, pastoralism, gemstones, sand, stone quarry. Agricultural products include livestock, tea, coffee, horticulture, cotton, millet, maize, sorghum, cowpeas and cassava

Location of the project trials in county:

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