Sustainable vegetable production through use of organic and inorganic fertilisers at Cheptuya, Kenya

Low soil fertility and limited knowledge about production and utilization are the main constraints to vegetable production at Cheptuya village. The decline in soil fertility has been due to soil erosion and continuous mono-cropping of maize. Previous work in this area showed that the most preferred leafy vegetable is Solanum nigrum (black night shade). Four levels of fertilizer were evaluated using black night shade as the test crop. The fertilizer rates used were; 20 tons FYMI ha'l, 10 tons FYM ha-l, 10 tons FYM ha-l + 18 Kg N ha-l + 20 Kg P and 36 Kg N ha-l + 40 Kg P ha°l. The objective of the trial was to improve soil fertility through use of fertilizers on high value crqJs. There were no significant differences on the yield of vegetable due to the respective Ireatments but the treatment of 36 Kg N ha-l + 40 Kg P ha-l gave higher yield of 9 tons ha-l with Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) of 5.9; followed by 10tons FYM ha-l + 18 Kg N ha-l + 20 Kg Pha-l with 8.74 tons ha-l and BCR of 3.8; 10 tons FYM ha-l yielding 6.32 ha-l with BCR of 3.1; and 20 toos FYMlha-1 with 4.56 tons ha-l and BCR of 1.2. From matrix ranking by farmers, the Ireatment were ranked in the following order; first 10 tons FYM ha-l + 18 Kg N ha-l + 20 Kg P ha'l, second 36 Kg N ha-l + 40 Kg P ha-l, third 10 tons FYM ha-Iand lastly; 20 tons FYMIha-I.
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Soil science society of East Africa proceedings of the 18th conference and end of the millennium celebrations, Mureithi, J.G.Machari, P.N.Mburu, M.Mugendi, D.N.Gachene, C.K.K..- Nairobi (Kenya): Soil Science Society of East Africa, 2003. Sustainable use o
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