The mineral status and physical composition of prospective tea growing areas of NWFP [Pakistan]

The object of the present studies was to explore the areas of Mansehra and Swat Districts for their suitability of tea cultivation in relation to soil pH and other essential nutrients. The pH of most of the soils in upper parts of Mansehra and Swat did not remain constant and varied from 5.5 - 6.5 to the depth of 45 cm. The areas were found to be suitable for tea cultivation as other major/minor elements were also in abundant. In most of the soils the nitrogen and phosphorus were appreciable and higher than the lower limits of these elements except Massar Camp, Thatha, Daively for nitrogen, Sharkool for phosphorus, Bedadi and Chattar (Bai) for both nitrogen and phosphorus in Mansehra and Punjigram, Kotanai, Topsin and Kari in Swat. The available potassium in soils of Daively, Sharkool and Kotnai, Fetherpur, Jambil, Madyan, Topsin and Kari was less than its lower limit, i.e., 0-60 mg/kg soil in District Mansehra and Swat respectively. The micronutrient like Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe were also found higher than the lower range of these elements.
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