Laboratory analysis: opportunities for improvement in light of current moves towards commercialisation

Analytical chemistry is the part of soil science which plays an important role in soil and plant analyses. The generated results have a positive impact in improving research on sustainable agricultural production. The soil, which supports plant growth, has danger in its nutrients being depleted through mining aild soil erosion. The analytical data therefore acquired has the capacity to assess quality of soil, identify plant nutritional problems, and provide guidelines on fertilizer and manure application' rates. However, the value of soil and plant analyses data for diagnosing and monitoring soil fertility and plant nutritional status depends largely on how well the samples have been collected, pretreated and analyzed. It is widely recognized that unreliable data may lead into making disastrous interpretation, which has serious consequences in agricultural productioo. Introduction of cost recovery approach in laboratory analysis in recent years means Ihat the laboratories have to change some of their operation strategies. This paper focuses on some important procedures in routine laboratory analysis focusing on the KARl Muguga laboratory.
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Soil science society of East Africa proceedings of the 18th conference and end of the millennium celebrations, Mureithi, J.G.Machari, P.N.Mburu, M.Mugendi, D.N.Gachene, C.K.K..- Nairobi (Kenya): Soil Science Society of East Africa, 2003. Sustainable use o
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KARI-NARL Libary(NARL repository)
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