Karyology of Kari sheep

Kari sheep is an important genetic resource of Pakistan endemic to Chitral in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The objective of the present study was to establish karyotype of this breed. Blood samples from five representative specimens of Kari sheep, including one ram and four ewes, were examined for chromosomal spread from metaphase of the lymphocyte culture. Animals for this purpose were brought to Peshawar, as traveling to nearest laboratory with 12 hours was difficult. The homologous chromosomes were arranged in pairs in their descending order and size. Diploid number of chromosomes in Kari sheep were 54 (27 pairs), including 26 autosome pairs and one sex-chromosome pair. The chromosome array in ewes was similar to ram, except for the sex chromosome. Both the homologous sex chromosomes (XX) in ewes were large but similar. The results confirm that Kari falls within the category of domestic sheep (Ovis aries).
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