The "Kari sheep `A genetic heritage'

A survey was conducted to document some traits that characterize the unique sheep breed locally called "Kari" found in Garam Chashma valley of Chitral district of NWFP (Pakistan). Kari is a light breed with thin tail, having no definite coat color, but the white color is predominantly (75%) found in the flocks,. The ears are short and males are horned while the females are hornless. Kari has an average adult body weight 21.85 plus minus 0.11 kg for male and 18.343 plus minus 0.08 kg for female. Birth weight of lambs born single is 2.16 plus minus 0.04 kg which is 23.6% heavier than the ones born in twin (1.75 plus minus 0.05 kg). Weight at weaning is 3.63 plus minus 0.08 kg and 3.23 plus minus 0.10 kg for single born and twin born lambs, respectively. Height and girth for a ram averaged 55.79 plus minus 0.09 cm and 68.12 plus minus 0.09 cm and for ewe is 50.11 plus minus 0.04 cm and 63.61 plus minus 0.04 cm, respectively. Mean annual wool production 868.75 plus minus 12.47 gm is obtained in three shearing. Kari sheep has litter size of 1.2 plus minus 0.01 producing 3.88 plus minus 1.10 Iambs per annum.
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