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About the International Centre for Research in Agro-Forestry (ICRAF) ICRAF is part of the CGIAR - Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research. Agro-forestry is about putting trees on farms, to allow small holder farmers to benefit from the products of trees - e.g. fuelwood, timber wood, fruits, medicinal material etc. - as well as the services of trees - e.g. soil erosion, soil fertility, water control etc. ICRAF is funded by some 30 donors, has 450 staff posted in 15 countries of Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, covering 35 different nationalities and different disciplines. In Kenya, ICRAF employs some 200 staff at Gigiri Headquarters, Machakos, Maseno and Embu. CGIAR Gender Programme Active since 1992, the CGIAR Gender Programme played an advisory and leading role towards centres' involvement in gender issues in 2 dimensions: gender in research and gender staffing issues. See documents on work done in relation to gender in research or contact Hilary Feldstein for more information. The Gender staffing programme tackles the issues related to attracting and retaining qualified female scientists and staff i.e. addresses issues related to recruitment, spouse employment and workplace issues. Key issues where experience has been gained are for example: how to tap into a broader pool of applicants with increased representation of women, how to adjust work policies and practices to become more hospitable to both women and men. For more details see several working papers available at ICRAF. Currently, the programme is reaching a key renewal phase and moving towards emphasis on a broader frame of diversity issues in staffing. The leading point is that gender is one aspect of diversity that centres have to deal with. The institutional capacity in leveraging on staff diversity is a key factor to effectiveness, performance and success. Again, there is a parallel between staffing and research issues in that we need to be able to hear and benefit from diverse view points within the organisation, if we are to be able to hear benefit from our diverse stakeholders and clients view points and vice versa
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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Nairobi (Kenya). National Agricultural Research Laboratories)'>Lecuyer, R.(Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Nairobi (Kenya). National Agricultural Research Laboratories)
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Institutional gender in Agriculture research, experiences from Kenya: Proceedings of the gender conference KARI headquarters, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Nairobi (Kenya).- Nairobi (Kenya): KARI, 1994. Proceeedings of the gender conference,Proce
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