Gender analysis in participatory evaluation of tomato varieties and pest control options by farmers research groups in trans Nzoia district

Developed technologies affect women and men differently because they play different roles in the society and may therefore have different needs in technology development. Therefore when identifying and implementing technology needs it is important to desegregate households and families within communities on the basis of gender. The objectives of this study was to look at the differences in male and female roles and responsibilities in the allocation of labour, income, financial responsibilities and access to and control of resources in tomato production. The data collected were gender disaggregated in order to monitor men and women participation in tomato production in Trans-Nzoia district, Kenya. The information was expected to identify potential gender based differences that need to be addressed to achieve the project objectives. Farmers in Trans-Nzoia grow several tomato varieties. Overall selection criteria was found to be based mainly on yield, pesUdisease tolerance, fruit size and marketability. Women also considered labour costs, fruit colour, shape and taste as important. Due to differences in the selection criteria scoring and ranking, the best five tomato varieties varied between men and women. Incorporation of these criteria early in the selection programme could help the seed dealers to stock varieties with better chance of adoption.
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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Nairobi (Kenya). National Agricultural Research Laboratories)'>Mulaa, M.A.(Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Nairobi (Kenya). National Agricultural Research Laboratories)
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Institutionalizing gender in agricultural research, experiences from Kenya: Proceedings of the gender conference KARI headquarters.- KARI: KARI Headquarters, 1994. Proceeedings of the gender conference,Proceeedings of the gender conference, KARI headquart
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p. 125-139

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