Effect of inorganic fertilizers'and farmyard manure on mineral composition and taste of solanum nigrum

Solanum nigrum is an indigenous vegetable that is rapidly gaining popularity among urban and rural consumers because of its good palatability. It is no longer just produced for home consumption but also for commercial purposes. It has become a major source of income, particularly for women farmers. The high demand for this vegetable has stimulated farmers to increase production through the use of organic and inorganic fertilizers. Apart from increasing ~elds, fertilizer application may also affect the chemical composition and taste of the vegetable, hence influence consumer acceptability. A study was carried out at Cheptuya village in West Pokot in 1998, to determine the acceptability of S. nigrum compared with Gynadropsis gynandra, \\igna unguiculata, Clotalaria brevidens, Corchorus spp., Kales and Cabbage cv. Golden acre. Another study was carried out in the same village in 1999 to determine the effect of applying either 10 tons FYM ha-1, 20 tons FYM ha-\\ 10 tons FYM + 46kg PzOs +18kg N ha-1cr 92 kg P20S+ 36kg N-1 (recommended rate), on the mineral composition and taste of S. nigrum. Farmers' preference ranking of the taste of the "egetables showed that S. nigrum was the most preferred vegetable. Applying inorganic fertilizer at the rate of 92 kg P20s + 36kg N ha-l to S. nigrum increased the bitter taste that was not acceptable to most farmers in the community at Cheptuya, who are mainly of the Pokot ethnic group. Vegetables grown with the combination of FYM and inorganic fertilizer were the most preferred. Data on mineral composition of the vegetable grown with different fertilizer rates is presented.
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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Nairobi (Kenya). National Agricultural Research Laboratories)'>Mureithi, J.G.(Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Nairobi (Kenya). National Agricultural Research Laboratories)
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Soil Science of East African sustainable use of land resources to alleviate in the new millennium. Proceedings of the 18th conference and end of the Millennium Celebrations 4th- 8th Dec 2000, Mureithi, J.G.Machari, P.N.Mburu, M.Mugendi, D.N.Gachene, C.K.K
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KARI-NARL Libary(NARL repository)
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