Effect of green manure residue management practices on maize yield in Southwest Kenya

A study was conducted at two sites in southwest Kenya from 1997-99 to investigate the effect of green manure residue management practices on maize yield. One of the sites was on-station at Kisii Regional Research Centre, Kisii district, and the other was on-farm at Bogetaorio village of Nyamira District The on station experiments were researcher-managed while the on-farm were jointly managed by the farmers, extension staff and researchers. The herbaceous legumes used were sunnhemp (Crotaralia ochroleuca) and velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens). The green manure residue management practices evaluated were, incorporation, mulching and removal. The research reconmfended inorganic fertiliser rate of 60 kg N ha.1 and 60 kg P205 ha -I was used as a check. The control treatment received neither fertiliser nor green manure residue. Results obtained showed that undersowing green manure herbaceous legume two weeks after planting maize does not negatively influence maize grain yield. Yields from the green manure residue management trials did not differ significantly between the treatments over the three-season period. However, incorporation of green manure tended to have more grain yields compared to residue mulching and removal. The economic analysis of the result showed that incorporation of green manure gave higher net profit in maize production than mulching and residue removal practices.
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Participatory technology development by small holders in Kenya: Proceedings of the 2nd scientific conference of the soil management and legume research network projects, Gachene, C. K.Muyekho, F. N.Onyango, M.Mose, L. (ed.)Magenya, O..- Nairobi: KARI-Legu
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