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This question was asked by: Mr. jamal yunus

Question asked:

tomato variety in lamu district that will do well. irrigation kit(s) that will be required for a plot of 200 yards by 200 yads. amount of water in litres per day for the project. approximate cost for the kit(s)


200 yards by 200 yards is 183m x 183m. Our largest drip kit covers quarter acre and costs Kshs 37,500. The size is limited by the 1m head pressure that it uses. For the more than 8 acres that you want to irrigate we recommend a system designed to suit. This will require a field visit by our officer to establish the exact requirement and cost the materials and installation costs for you. This will be much cost-effective than installing many ¼acre kits. The water required depends on the season and crop growth stage. For ¼ acre about 1,000 to 3,000 litres per day.