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This question was asked by: Mr. boniface wachira

Question asked:

what are the common and marketable rabbit breeds in kenya? whats the cost of rearing one rabbit and what is its possible market price? where are they likely to do well?


1. There are three (3) breeds of rabbits kept in Kenya; New Zealand white, California White and Chinhilla. Chinhilla which is a grey/brown breed is preferred as it has a larger mature wait.

2. The cost of production will depend on the system of production selected as the major cost will be that of feed an example is given based on commercial pellets which can be purchased from animal feed manufacturers. The rabbits will consume about 25 g of pellets per day which will translate to 2.25 Kg in 90 days. At 90 days the dressed weight will be between 1-1.2kg. Therefore the feed/pellets will cost Ksh. 51 and you will be able to sell the meat at between Ksh 200 and 300 per kilogram dressed wait. Obviously you should add other costs i.e labour, depreciation of the houses and other infrastructure, transport to market etc.

3. Rabbits can be kept in any part of the country so long as they are housed properly and protected from predators. The Ministry of Livestock Development in your area will be able to provide you with specific details i.e. where to source breeding animals from etc