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This question was asked by: Mr. gervase wakoli

Question asked:

i need information about farming of sweet potatoes, water melons and sweet peppers ''pilipili hoho'. please teach me on how to plant, and care for them and which varieties are the best in western kenya. which seasons are the best to plant them?


a) Sweetpotato - You may access sweetpotato planting material from KARI-Kakamega.

KARI Kakamega
Dr. Francis Muyekho

b) Watermelon. The most common varieties that you may plant in western are Crimson sweet, Charleston Gray, Sugar Baby and Black Diamond. You can plant anytime as long as there is rain or sufficient water. Please send us your email for more information.

c) Sweetpepper (pili pili hoho). Which type do you want i.e. those planted under field or greenhouse conditions? Please let us know.

d) Yes, you may visit KARI Headquarters Horticulture and Industrial Crops Division for more information.