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This question was asked by: Mrs. Lydia Odeny

Question asked:

What type of dairy animal feeds can be grown in Nyanza, Kisumu area apart from nappier grass and where does one get the seedlings?


In Kisumu area you can grow sorghum as fodder and KARI has several dual purpose varieties that will give you both grain and fodder. KARI Kibos should be able to assist you acquire the varieties from KARI Lanet. If you are already growing Napier grass or sorghum as your main feed you could also grow other fodders like sweet potatoes vines, Desmodium intortum, Lueceana that can be feed together with your main diet. Depending onthe amount of land available you can also grow Rhodes grass for grazing or to be conserved as hay to feed during the dry season (07-Oct-09)