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KARI ccontacts
Asked by Mr George Ochieng

I am a farmer, interested with planting hybrid Sorghum at Masongaleni, in Kibwezi.
Asked by Mr Charles Mwanzia

Am in the process of preparing to construct a water harvesting reservoir and would like to know whether you provide liners.I am in the Kitengela area and we get lots of runoff water that goes to waste.
Asked by Mr Peter Kamau

am a student at Kenyatta university taking my undergraduate programme (bachelor of science in biology) and would like to seek for an attachment in your center as from may 2010.How do i go about it?
Asked by Mr kithinji daniel

i would like to know whether the organization has any internship opportunities on offer at the moment or any time soon
Asked by Mr victor rono

Type of acidic soils in kenya and their management practices for crop production
Asked by Mr Kimutai Sogomo

Drip irriigation availability in bulk quantities Type of drip lines you offer and spacing of emitters
Asked by Mr Randy Byron

The lower parts of Mbeere South District need some NGOS and or goverment extention officers to educate,enlighten and motivate the locals on the dire need to vegetate the land which is rapidly being worn out by erosion and poor caltivation methods.I have been shopping around for some NGO or facilitator who can accompany my self driven, initiated efforts in my campaigns to achieve can KARI help.
Asked by Mr Silas Mbogo

I am thinking of constructing an earth dam, i.e. by digging a big pond like hole where water will collect and last after the rains. This is in Mweru area, Igoji, Imenti South District. Do I need the soils tested to determine if the water will hold without seeping away? If so, where can I get these testing services?
Asked by Mr Palmer Thambu


I want to know the cost of a simple drip irrigation system for a vegetable plot measuring 1/8 of an acre and how I can purchase and get it installed
Asked by Dr James Moronge

I want to know a basic or simplified( in expensive ) form of drip irrigation
Asked by Mrs anthony matheka

how to make maps using Arc GIS
Asked by Ms kimari wamaitha

1. how can kari help me do my samll farming in my small shamba at home 2. i want to know what kind of farmimg i can do in kwisero division of western province.
Asked by Ms elizabeth etere

want to acquire drip irrigation equipment for one acre plus technical advice
Asked by Mr francis nyaboga

I need more information on the The small-scale simple drip irrigation system that was developed by Chapin Watermatics, Watertown, New York. Let me have the price and more detail, plus all contact for (Isaya Sijali)- Email, phone etc.
Asked by Mr george ANDIVA

am a small scale farmer and interested to know more about drip irrigation

i am writing an agricultural project that will address food and water security in ukambani, together with disease. however, i cannot get information regarding seed type, input, output, pests and labour required per acre from the relevant crops officers. the site is koma area, along nairobi kangundo road. soil type is black cotton soil. can i get this information from you? can you also advise if the site is suitable for borehole drilling? where can i get finacnial support to implement the project?
Asked by Ms pauline nyumu

I am planning to start Horticulture farming using the drip irrigation system on a nine acre piece of land in Lamu District at Faza island. the source of water will be a well. so i would want you to advice me on how to set up the most economical drip irrigation system on water and all other aspects.
Asked by Mr jamal yunus