KARI Garissa Research Centre was first established in 1979 as regional research centre to conduct research in North Eastern Province of Kenya which had three main districts: Garissa, Mandera and Wajir.  The centre conducted research on Horticulture, Dry land farming, Irrigation and drainage, Soil fertility, Beef and Dairy. It occupied 40 acres of land on Hodan farm. The Farm belonged to farmers training centre under Ministry of Agriculture and KARI was housed on temporary arrangement from 1979 to 1997. In December 1997, during El-nino rains, River Tana burst its banks and destroyed the centre facilities. In 1997 KARI was assigned one room office by Provincial Director of Agriculture at NEP HQ.  In 2001, the centre was down-graded to a sub-centre of KARI Marsabit.  Owing to vastness of Marsabit research centre mandate area, KARI Management in 2009 decided to revive KARI Garissa to a fully fledged regional research centre in order to improve its services in Mandera, Wajir and Garissa counties. In November, 2010 ADC management demarcated 100 acres for KARI Garissa.

Mandate Counties: Garissa, Wajir and Mandera Counties

Where we are:

Address (Office)          K.A.R.I, Box 230 - 70100 Garissa

Address (private)         P.O. Box 203-60500, Garissa

Telephone (Office)      +254 0208044936

Telefax (Office)          +254 110 069 2220

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Mobile: 0725949787