Participatory technology development for soil management by small holders in Kenya
Proceedings of the 2nd Scientific Conference of the Soil Management and Legume Research Network Projects
June 2000 Mombasa, Kenya
Table of content
Organic-inorganic Fertiliser Combinations

Evaluation of organic and inorganic fertiliser for small holder maize production in North Rift Kenya. (pdf 197 Kb)
R M Onyango, T J Mwangi, W W Kiiya, M K Kamidi and M W Wanyonyi

Management practices and their effect on nutrient status of farmyard manure in West Pokot District of Kenya (pdf 194Kb)
E Wanjekeche, J Mwangi, P Powon and J Khaemba

Evaluation of the effect of compost and inorganic fertiliser on maize yield in Nyamira District, South West Kenya.(pdf173Kb)
E N K Okoko and S Makworo

Effect of organic and inorganic fertilisers on the grain yield of maize and soil fertility improvement in Kisii and Gucha Districts, South West Kenya (pdf 164Kb)
A W Nzabi, F Makini, M Onyango, N Kidula, C Munyoga, M Miruka, E, Mutai, M Gesare and G Mwagi

Acidic soil amendment for maize production in Uasin Gishu District, North Rift, Kenya. (pdf 211Kb)
T J Mwangi, M Ngeny, F Wekesa and J Mulati

Effect of low levels of inorganic fertiliser and organic manure on yields of finger millet in Chobosta, North Rift Kenya (pdf 150 Kb)
C A O Kute and P Chirchir

Evaluation of response of Solanumn nigrum vegetable to organic and inorganic fertiliser combination at Nyamonyo village, Kisii, Kenya (pdf 160 Kb) M Onyango

Evaluation of organic and inorganic sources of phosphorus for smallholder maize production in Kisii, South West Kenya (pdf 172 Kb)
S O Obaga, S N Maobe and F Makini

Evaluation of fertiliser products derived from Busumbu phosphates rock in Eastern Uganda (pdf 172 Kb)
S ONgoze, R J Buresh, B A Jama, J R Okalebo and P Van Straaten 65

Verifying the potential use of inorganic and organic fertilisers and their combinations in small holder maize production farms in Trans Nzoia districts. (pdf 176 Kb)
R M A Onyango, T J Mwangi, M Wanyonyi, J K Barkutwo and E N Lunzalu

Use of organic and inorganic fertilisers on vegetable (Brassica oleracea) production in Kitale mandate region (pdf 174 Kb)
S C Rono, P Osore and J K Kigen

Evaluation of the effect of organic and inorganic fertilisers on yields of traditional vegetables in Bogetaorio village, South West Kenya. (pdf 192 Kb)
N E Okoko and S Makworo
Effect of organic and inorganic fertilisers and their combination on Napier grass dry matter yields in South West Kenya (pdf 144 Kb)
A A O Masinde, M O Ojowi, D M Mbugua, J A Odongo and M A Shisya

Soil Improving Green Manure Legumes

Integrated management of legume green manure, farmyard manure and inorganic nitrogen for soil fertility improvement in Western Kenya (pdf 208 Kb)
J O Ojiem, J G Mureithi and E A Okwuosa

Effects of combining green manure legumes, farmyard manure and inorganic nitrogen on yield of maize in Coastal Kenya (pdf 208Kb)
H M Saha and M B Muli

Integrated use of legume green manure, cattle manure and inorganic fertiliser for increased maize production in mid altitude areas of Central Kenya. (pdf 186 Kb)
J N Gitari, J G Mureithi, S K Karumba and K Mwaniki

Legume green manuring for maize production on smallholder farms in the Eastern and Central Kenya regions (pdf 223 Kb)
J N Gitari, J G Mureithi, S K Karumba and K Mwaniki

The effects of legume and maize stover residue management practices on the yield of a subsequent maize crop in Kitale, Kenya (pdf 247 Kb)
B A M Kirungu, J Kasiti, P Shiundu, S Kamwana, M Mukongo, S Nderitu and E Wamalwa

Incorporation of green manure cover crops in maize based cropping system in semi arid and sub-humid environments of Kenya (pdf 182 Kb)
C K K Gachene, J G Mureithi, F Anyika and M Makau

Introduction of legume cover crops to smallholder farms in Gatanga, Central Kenya (pdf 270Kb)
J G Mureithi, P M Mwaura and CO Nekesa

Effect of green manure residue management practices on maize yield in Southwest Kenya (pdf 165 Kb)
S N Maobe, N L Kidula and A R Ondicho

Green manuring to improve soil fertility and reduce striga weed infestation in smallholder farms in South Nyanza, Kenya (pdf 147 Kb)
C Onyango, A Oduwo, N Okoko, N Kidula and J G Mureithi

Effect of green manure legume on the yield of maize and beans in Matunda farm, Trans Nzoia District, North Rift, Kenya (pdf 153 Kb)
M Kamidi, F Gitahi, P Osore, D Cheruiyot, M Okumu and G Barasa

Effect of phosphorus on nodulation and dry matter yield of legume green manures species in the humid highlands of Kenya (pdf 206 Kb)
J O Ojiem, J G Mureithi, S N Maobe, E A Okwusa and C Nekesa

Effect of green manure legume and combined low rates of organic and inorganic fertilisers on striga weed and maize yield in Kendu Bay, South West, Kenya. (pdf 167 Kb)
S M O Obaga, P O Tana, A O Oyure and B Ngoti

Effect of intercropping legume with maize on soil fertility and maize yield (pdf 164 Kb)
A W Nzabi, F Makini, M Onyango, N Kidula, C K Muyonga

Influence of indigenous and introduced Rhizobia strains on soybean grain yields in Southwest Kenya (pdf 150 Kb)
A W Nzabi, F Makini, E Mutai, M Gesare and G Mwagi
Soil Conservation
Performance of low cost soil conservation methods in Cheptuya, West Pokot District, North Rift Kenya (pdf 200 Kb)
J W Khaemba, T Mwangi, E Wanjekeche and J Ngeny

Soil erosion control using exotic grasses and locally available materials in Nyamonyo and Kamingusa villages of Southwest Kenya (pdf 199 Kb)
A W Nzabi, P Tana, A Masinde, M Gesare, B Ngoti and G Mwagi

Integrated catchment approach as an extension tool to soil and water conservation in North Rift Kenya (pdf 155 Kb)D K Bunyatta, H W Nyongesa, K C Chombo and J K Kigen

Effect of soil type and cropping system on sediment and runoff yield in Kisii District. (pdf 176 Kb) E R N Tong`I and B O Mochoge

Crop Variety Screening and use of Local Technical Knowledge

Participatory verification of maize varieties for lower highland and upper midland transition zones of the North Rift of Kenya (pdf 175 Kb)
W W Kiiya, R M A Onyango, T K Mwangi and J M A Ngeny

Evaluation of improved maize varieties for adaptability and food security in Nyatieko location in Southwest Kenya (pdf 178 Kb)
C K Muyonga, A W Nzabi, N L Kidula, N Okoko and G Mwasi

Screening of finger millet varieties for tolerance to blast disease in Nyatioko location, Southwest Kenya (pdf 160 Kb)
C K Muyonga, A W Nzabi, N L Kidula, N Okoko and G Mwasi

Participatory evaluation of sorghum and finger millet varieties in the lower highlands of Uasin Gishu District (pdf 162 Kb)
C A O Kute and P Kalama

Performance of finger millet varieties in the upper midlands and lower highlands of the North Rift Valley Province of Kenya (pdf 150 Kb)
C A O Kute, M Kamidi and P Chirchir

Evaluation of sorghum varieties in the upper midlands and lower highlands of North Rift Valley Province, Kenya (pdf 158 Kb)
C A O Kute, M Kamidi and P Chirchir

Participatory evaluation of cowpea cultivars for adaptation and yield performance in Coastal Kenya (pdf 160 Kb)
M B Muli and H M Saha

Farmer participation in the evaluation of grain legumes in North - Western Kenya. (pdf 196 Kb)
E Wanjekeche, J Mwangi, M Kamidi, P Powon and J Khaemba

Performance and acceptability of introduced food legumes in Cheptuya village west Pokot, Kenya (pdf 193 Kb)
T J Mwangi and E Wanjekeche

Economic evaluation of groundnut production as an alternative cash crop for smallholder farmers in Matunda, Trans-Nzoia District (pdf 175 Kb)
M O Okumu

Participatory evaluation of rice varieties for water-logged areas of western Trans-Nzoia District, North Rift region (pdf 136 Kb)
M Wanyonyi and W Akuno

Introduction of improved pigeonpea varieties in the marginal areas of Lake Victoria region of South West Kenya (pdf 157 Kb)
O Okoko, S Obaga and B Okeyo
Production and utilisation of leafy vegetables at Cheptuya, Kitale, Kenya (pdf 158 Kb)
P M Powon, E Wanjekeche, T J Mwangi, A Khaemba and W Julius

Participatory evaluation of the effectiveness of locally known extracts and insecticides in controlling stalkborer (pdf 131 Kb)
E Maala, W Kiiya, P Omollo and P Omondi

Development of an integrated pest management strategy for bean stem maggot control in South Western Kenya (pdf 178 Kb)
J Ogecha, J K O Ampofo and J Owuor

Introduction and Utilisation of Forage/Fodder crops

Participatory evaluation of forages for increased herbage dry matter yields in smallholder farms in Trans-Nzoia District: preliminary experiences (pdf 188 Kb)
F N Muyekho, D T Cheruiyot, M Kamidi, M Wanyonyi, F Akuno, F Gitahi and N Mwania

Effects of the "Tumbukiza" method of planting Napier grass (Pennisetum pupureum) on the quantity and quality of forage on smallholder farms in Kenya. (pdf 191 Kb)
F N Muyekho, D T Cheruiyot and G Kapkusum

Economic evaluation of Tumbukiza as an alternative method for increasing Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum) productivity on smallholder farms in North Rift Valley Region of Kenya (pdf 156 Kb)
F N Muyekho and L Mose

An economic analysis of forage technologies using low external inputs, North Rift region of Kenya (pdf 163 Kb)
J M Wanyama, L O Mose, F N Muyekho and D T Cheruiyot

Evaluation of grass and legume production potential in Kendu-Bay, South West Kenya. (pdf 147 Kb)
R O Okeyo, A A Masinde, M O Ojowi and A O Oyure

The effect of herbaceous legumes and Gliricidia sepium on lactation performance of jersey cows (pdf 194 Kb)
R W Muinga, H M Saha, M N Njunie and S Bimbuzi

Potential of jack bean as a feed supplement for Kenya dual-purpose goats in the semi-arid Eastern Kenya (pdf 177 Kb)
D M G Njurui, F P Wandera and J G Mureithi

Evaluation of selected forage legumes as supplementary feed for Kenya dual-purpose goat in semi-arid region of eastern Kenya (pdf 195 Kb)
D M G Njarui, F P Wandera and R W Muinga

Participatory evaluation of the production and utilisation of improved forages under different fertiliser regimes, Keiyo District (pdf 199 Kb)
C K Ruto, F N Muyekho, S C Rono, R M Onyango, D K Bunyatta and E Nyambati

The effect of Napier grass and legumes on milk production of South West Kenya. (pdf 154 Kb)
M O Ojowi, A O Masinde, E N Okoko, J A Odongo and M A Shisya

Improved bee keeping methods in Cheptuya village, West Pokot District (pdf 128 Kb)Z O Macosore, J B Wekesa and P Powon

Technology Diffusion/Adoption

Factors influencing the adoption of organic and inorganic fertilisers in maize and kales in North Rift Valley region of Kenya (pdf 230 Kb)
L O Mose, R Onyango, S Rono, C Kute and C K Ruto

Inorganic and organic fertiliser use: Potential for adoption at smallholder level in South West Kenya (pdf 194 Kb)
L O Mose, W Nzabi, M Onyango, A B Gor, S A N Moruri, S O Makworo, E N K Okoko and D J K Kwach

Potential for adoption of green manure legumes for soil fertility management in Kenya (pdf 196Kb)
M Odendo, J K Barakutwo, N Gitari, M Kamidi, B Kirungu, E Lunzalu, J G Mureithi, C O Nekesa, J Ojiem, M Okumu, E Okwuosa, R Onyango and H M Saha

Preliminary assessment of adoption of low cost soil erosion control technologies for smallholder farmers in Cheptuyaa village, North Rift Kenya. (pdf 179Kb)
J M Wanyama, T J Mwangi, DT Cheruyot and Z Macosore

Potential adoption of on-farm soil conservation technologies for small-scale farming in Southwest Kenya (pdf 163 Kb)
Gor Achuodho, A N Nzabi and E Tongi

The adoption of crop introductions for increased food supply and income in North Rift Valley region of Kenya (pdf 207 Kb)
L O Mose, W W Kiiya, M P Powon, B Omamo and C Kute

Factors influencing adoption of pastures and fodders among smallholder subsistence farmers in selected sites of West Kenya (pdf Kb)
J M Wanyama, F N Muyekho, A A O Masinde D T Cheruyot, J Odongo, M Ojowi and R Okeyo

Experiences with Farmer Participatory Research, Social Cultural Issues and Other Considerations

Adaptive research needs and the role of farmer participatory research (pdf 186 Kb)F M Murithi

Experiences with farmer participatory research approach in implementing soil management project activities in Kisii, south-west Kenya (pdf 218 Kb)
E N K Okoko, F W Makini, N L Kidula, and J G Mureithi

Farmer participatory research: Experiences of the soil management project at KARI-Kitale (pdf 183 Kb)
M Kamidi M Wanyonyi, R Onyango, T J Mwangi and W Kiiya

Farmer participatory research under resource-poor farming systems of Kenya Highlands (pdf 159 Kb)
M Wanyonyi, T J Mwangi, J G Mureithi and W Akuno

Farmer participatory research experiences in developing technologies with farmers in Nyamonyo village of Gucha District (pdf 195 Kb)
G O Mwagi, E N Okoko, N L Kidula and M Onyango

Towards socio-economic evaluation of agricultural technologies with a farmer participatory approach (pdf 198 Kb)
N M Mwania and L O Mose

Sociological aspects of the soil management project interventions in North Rift Valley region of Kenya (pdf 180 Kb)
J W Kung`u and N M Mwania

The role of extension in the soil management project with a future outlook to Phase II (pdf 162 Kb)
N M Mwania, F Ndungu and W Akuno

Agricultural knowledge and information systems (AKIS) paradigm: its potential in disseminating soil management technologies (pdf 192 Kb)
F W Ndungu, C Nkonge and D J Rees

Scaling promising technologies developed through farmer participatory research in South West Kenya: Experiences in Rachuonyo District. (pdf 147 Kb)
P O Aketch and J H Odohok

Farmer tours as a method of information and technology transfer (pdf 151 Kb)
F Gitahi, M Kamidi, M Wanyonyi, T J Mwangi and R Onyango

Statistical analysis of on-farm trials in soil management project in South West Kenya. (pdf 174 Kb)
L N Kidula, E N K Okoko, S N Maobe and S Makworo

Scaling up of agricultural technologies - agricultural technologies and information response initiative and the role of extension (pdf 218 Kb)
G M Kamau, R M Kiome and J W Wamuongo