KARI Katumani

Our Mandate
The Centre is mandated to carry out research and development programmes in Machakos, Makueni, Kitui, Mwingi and Taita Taveta Districts. The districts cover a total land area of 6.2 million hectares out of which 3.9 million is agricultural land comprising of 492,000 farm households with a human population of 2.7 million as per the census report of 1999. Most of the area is characterized by low and erratic rainfall, frequent droughts, high temperatures and soils of low fertility and weak physical structures.

An ecoregional study by KARI between 2000 and 2001 ranked priority enterprises in the region as maize, pulses, dairy, beef, sorghum, millet, poultry, vegetables, sheep and goats.

KARI Katumani Research Centre,
Box 340-90100 Machakos,

Tel/Fax: 020-2311449
Centre Director: 020-2135118
Switch board: 020-2662260

E-Mail: karikatumani@yahoo.com

Where we are
The KARI-Katumani main Centre (1º35'S: 37º14'E) is in Machakos District at 1600 m. It is about 80 km southeast of Nairobi and 8 km South of Machakos town along the Machakos-Wote road. [more...]